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Appetizers And Beer / Wine

Blue’s Balls – $7.95

Our Signature item has your choice of:

“The Original Balls” – potato, bacon, jalapeno and cheese rolled in a Panko batter and fried

“The Chili Balls” – Homemade chili and cheese rolled in a Panko batter and fried

“The Shrimp & Grits Balls” – Blackened shrimp, homemade grits and mixed cheese rolled in a Panko batter and fried.

 Served 6 to an order and comes with a side of Ranch


Philly Steak Egg Rolls

A mix of seasoned Philly Steak, finely diced jalapenos and mixed cheese all wrapped up in a pastry shell and fried till golden brown. Served with ranch. $8.95


Chicken Fondue Melt

Tender pieces of marinated chicken mixed with diced jalapenos, smoked gouda cheese sauce and baked until golden brown. Served with freshly cooked tortilla chips. $9.50


Hot Wings

Jumbo chicken wings baked and then lightly fried to perfection. Choose from plain, homemade buffalo sauce, homemade BBQ sauce and lemon pepper. Served 10 to an order and comes with a side of ranch or blue cheese for dipping. $9.95


Fried Pickles

A mounded pile of dill pickle slices battered and fried to perfection. Served with chipotle ranch.$6.95 


Fried Jalapeno’s

A mounded pile of sliced jalapeno’s battered and fried to perfection. Served with chipotle ranch. $6.95


Loaded Cheese Fries

A generous portion of freshly cut french fries topped with melted mixed cheese, bacon crumbles, chives and jalapenos. Served with Blue’s signature “Fry Sauce.” $6.50 Add homemade chili for an additional $1.50 It’s worth it!!!


Hot Wing Slider

Tender strips of marinated chicken battered, fried and tossed in our famous homemade wing sauce then stuffed between slider buns. Served four sliders to an order. $8.00


Blue’s Homemade Mac “N” Cheese

This is NOT your normal Mac “N” Cheese. We take it one step further by combining fresh elbow pasta, white queso cheese, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos. It’s delicious! $5.50


Cheeseburger Sliders

100% ground beef slider patties topped with your choice of cheddar, American, pepper jack or Swiss cheese served on Slider buns. Comes with spring mix lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles. Served four to an order. $8.00


Kick Off Platter

This platter is perfect to munch on while watching your favorite game. Comes with 10 Hot Wings (your choice of plain, Buffalo, BBQ or lemon Pepper) 4 Blue’s Balls (your choice of Original, Chili or Shrimp & Grits), friend pickles or fried jalapenos and 4 celery sticks. Choose from chipotle ranch, ranch, blue cheese or Blue’s Fry Sauce for dipping. $15.00 


Loaded Fajita Nachos

Individually prepared corn tortillas topped with refried beans, melted mixed cheese, jalapenos, and your choice of chicken fajita, beef fajita or blackened shrimp. Comes with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and homemade salsa. $9.95



Your choice of chicken fajita, beef fajita or blackened shrimp sandwiched between two large tomato basil tortillas and stuffed with mixed cheese, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms. Served with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream and homemade salsa. $8.95


Bowl Of Homemade Chili

Our secret recipe comes to life in a bowl of steamy homemade all beef chili topped with mixed cheese and served with saltine crackers $5.50


Chips, Queso and Salsa

A generous portion of freshly cooked tortilla chips and our homemade queso and salsa. $6.50


Loaded Baked Potato

Large Idaho potato topped with butter, homemade chili, red onions, shredded mixed cheese and sour cream $5.50


Beer List

Domestic Bottles: Miller Lite ($3.50) – Bud Light ($3.50) – Bud Light Lime ($3.50) – Budweiser ($3.50) Michelobe Ultra ($3.50) – Coors Light ($3.50) – Coors Original ($3.50) – Pabts Blue Ribbon ($3.00)

Mexico: Corona ($4.00) – Corona Light ($4.00) – Dos XX ($4.25) – Negro Modelo ($4.25)

Ireland: Harp Lager ($5.00) – Guiness Stout ($5.00)

American Craft: Dog Fish Head 60/90 ($5.00) – Abita Purple Haze ($4.50) – Abita Turbo Dog Brown Ale ($5.00) – Maui Coconut Porter ($5.00) – Alaskan Amber ($4.50) – Firemans 4 American Blonde Ale ($4.50) – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ($5.00) - 

Ciders: Crispin ($4.00) – Angry Orchard ($4.00)

England: New Castle Brown Ale ($4.50)

Holland: Heineken ($4.00)

Belgium: Stella Artois ($5.00)

Drafts: Budlight ($2.75) – Miller Light ($2.75) – Coors Light ($2.75) – Blue Moon ($3.75) – Shiner ($3.75) – Fat Tire ($3.75)




Rosenblum Pinot Grigio – Glass ($7.00) – Bottle ($22.00)

Once Upon A Vine Sauvignon Blanc – Glass ($8.00) – Bottle ($26.00)

Creme De Lys Chardonnay – Glass ($7.00) – Bottle ($24.00)

Once Upon A Vine Pinot Nior – Glass ($8.00) – Bottle ($26.00)

Jade Merlot – Glass ($7.00) – Bottle ($22.00)

Terrazas Alto Malbec – Glass ($7.00) – Bottle ($24.00)

Terrazas Alto Cabernet Sauvignon – Glass ($7.00) – Bottle ($24.00)

Butterfly Kiss Red Blend – Glass ($8.00) – Bottle ($26.00)

House Red – Glass ($5.00)

House White – Glass ($5.00)




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