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Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials – $8.00 / includes a fountain drink

Fish “N” Chips

Lunch sized portion of authentic chipper style fresh fish filet in our famous beer batter and fried to golden brown. Served on a bed of fresh french fries, tarter sauce and malt vinegar. 


B.L.T. & Fries

Four thick strips of savory bacon on Texas Toast and topped with cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Served with french fries.


Club Sandwich & Fries

Deli sliced ham and turkey on top of Texas Toast and stacked with bacon, red onions, spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo. Served with french fries.


Hot Wing Sliders & Fries

Tender strips of marinated chicken battered, fried, tossed in our famous homemade wing sauce then stuffed between slider buns. Served with french fries.


Cheeseburger & Fries

A 1/2 lb. juicy 100% Hereford ground beef patty grilled to perfection with your choice of cheddar, American, pepper jack or Swiss cheese. Topped with spring mix lettuce, red onions, tomato slices and dill pickles. Served on a toasted corn meat dusted bun. Add two slices of thick cut bacon for $1.50 more.


Baked Potato & Salad

Large Idaho potato topped with butter, shredded mix cheese, bacon crumbles, chive, and sour cream. Served with our house salad made of spring mix lettuce, diced onions, carrots, tomatoes, and shredded mixed cheese. Your choice of dressing and add chili for $1.50

Soup & Salad

Your choice of our homemade Tomato Basil, Potato Bacon or Chicken Noodle Soup. Served with our house salad made of spring mixed lettuce, diced onions, carrots, tomatoes, and shredded mix cheese. Your choice of dressing.


Wedge Salad

A half head of crispy iceberg lettuce carved out and stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon crumbles, red onions, diced tomatoes, and topped with blue cheese dressing.


Chicken Cranberry And Walnut Salad

Grilled chicken atop a bed of spring mix lettuce with feta cheese crumbles, sundried cranberries, sliced walnuts and drizzled with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.


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