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All You Can Eat “Blue’s Fish “N” Chips Challenge

Introducing “Blue’s Fish “N” Chips Challenge” We are betting that you (individually) cannot eat 32oz of our authentic chipper style fresh fish and 24oz of our delicious golden brown french fries in 60 minutes. If you can, we will buy your dinner (individually) and you will receive a personalized plaque with your name, date and time that it took you to finish to be immortalized on our “WALL OF FAME.” The luck of the Irish is with you!!! $34.99 (Disclaimer: Blue’s Pub reserves the rights to refuse service of this item.


Blue’s Fish “N” Chip

Authentic chipper style fresh fish filet in our famous beer batter and fried to golden brown. Served on a bed of fresh french fries, tarter sauce and malt vinegar. $12.50


Chicken Tika

Tender marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection and served on a bed of steamed rice. Topped with a creamy curry sauce and your choice of one side. $11.95


Sheppard’s Pie

Seasoned 100% ground beef mixed with peas and carrots. Topped with homemade mashed potatoes and brown gravy with your choice of one side. $9.50 Add melted mix cheese for an additional $1.50


Chicken Tender Dinner

3 jumbo marinated and hand-battered chicken tenders fried with your choice of plain, Buffalo or BBQ sauce. Served with home-style fries and ranch dressing. $9.25


Chicken Pasta Carbonara (Best In Town)

A large bowl of Penn pasta tossed in a creamy smoked gouda cheese and bacon sauce, topped with a marinated grilled chicken breast and sprinkled with parmesan  cheese. Absolutely delicious. $12.50


Blackened Tilapia

Fresh Tilapia filet dusted with blackening seasoning and grilled to perfection. Served on a bed of steamed rice and your choice of one side. $12.95 

Homestyle Meatloaf 

A thick 1/2 pound sliced of moist and delicious homemade 100% ground beef meatloaf served with brown gravy and your choice of two sides. $10.25


Chicken Curry

Chicken breast chopped and simmered for hours in our own spicy curry sauce and served on a bed of steamed white rice with your choice of one side item. $12.50



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