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Salad Dressings: Homemade Ranch, Blue Cheese, Fat Free Italian, Chipotle Ranch, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Homemade Caesar and 1000 Island (Additional servings of dressings are an additional $.50


Chicken Cranberry and Walnut Salad

Grilled chicken atop a bed of spring mix lettuce with feta cheese crumbles, sundried cranberries, sliced walnuts and drizzled with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. $9.95


Buffalo Chicken Salad

Crispy marinated chicken tenders fried and tossed in our special Buffalo Sauce atop a bed of spring mix salad with blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, red onions and served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing. Spiced it up with chipotle ranch. $8.95


Chicken Caesar Salad 

Grilled marinated chicken breast served atop a bed caesar dressing and topped with homemade croutons and parmesan cheese. Spice it up with blackened chicken for no additional cost!  $8.95


Blackened Chicken Salad

Grilled marinated chicken breast blackened with a tasty mix of herbs and spices atop a bed of spring mix lettuce and topped with mixed cheese, shredded carrots, tomatoes and red onions. Served with your choice of dressing. $9.25


Wedge Salad

A half head of crispy iceberg lettuce carved out and stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon crumbles, red onions, diced tomatoes, and topped with blue cheese dressing. $8.25


Blue’s House Salad

A large portion on spring mix lettuce topped with mixed cheese, tomatoes, red onions, and shredded carrots with your choice of dressings. $7.75  Add a grilled marinated chicken breast for $2.00


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